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Chiangkhong Teak Garden Riverfront enjoys a beautiful riverfront location on the border between Thailand and Laos, the gorgeous Mekong River. Chiangkhong Teak Garden Riverfront is adjacent to the main road of the peaceful town of Chiangkhong, which is situated in the relaxing province of Chiang Rai. The rooms feature a fusion between Lanna and Contemporary styles. Chiangkhong Teak Garden Riverfront also has a wonderful and relaxing garden of golden teak trees, which are over a hundred years old. This convenient gateway to Indochina is located only 1 kilometer away from the bus station and 400 meters away from the Bug Pier, making Chiangkhong Teak Garden Riverfront the perfect destination for you.


Our Guiding Principles


  • We will create and preserve (Lanna) Northern Thailand tradition and environment where our guests can remembrance a touch of

Lanna culture.  


  • We will make guest loyalty a key driver for our hotel business 


  • We will commit to social responsibility by making a positive contribution to our communities, environment, colleagues, and business partners.      


  • We will demonstrate honesty, care and integrity in all our relationships.       


  • We will create an environment where our cilleagues may achieve their personal and career goals 


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